Counselling / Consulting

I work as a BACP certified counsellor who specializes in working with Autism Highly sensitive people and as a consultant for caregivers and family members.

The term “Highly Sensitive Person” (HSP). is unfamiliar to many, but it is exactly what it says. People who are Highly Sensitive are more sensitive: physically, emotionally and mentally.

In both conditions there are many gifts, but also more of a need for self care and understanding. Autism and Heightened sensitivity are not the same thing, but I feel that there is often overlap of the difficulties.


  • Strategies for self care
  • Validation from someone who understands
  • Tools for overcoming or managing anxiety
  • Methods for building better self esteem
  • Healing from the impacts of bullying or abuse
  • Overcoming erosive effects of long term stress
  • Privacy
  • Personalised trouble shooting for your specific challenges
  • Awareness of other services


Counselling Is often around simply offering time where a person is free to talk, explore and express their feelings free from the worry of judgement. Sometimes the work I do is focused around a specific challenge or how to navigating a major life changes. I am happy to talk things through with clients and suggest strategies for people to take away and use between sessions. I recommend that people who have a desire to make a specific change or overcome a particular issue, view it as a project that will require time and effort.

Consulting is aimed around helping a caregiver or supporting an advocate on behalf of another person. When working as a consultant I am mindful that I don’t know the person who will be the main topic of conversation, and that all the information I receive is second hand. This is not unlike therapy work, as people do often talk about relationships that exist outside the therapy room. Just like in my work as a therapist, I will work with the perspective of the person I am speaking to and offer strategies that are safe to use and will not infringe on another person’s autonomy. Examples might include how to: communicate effectively, de-escalate difficult situations, set clear boundaries, keep oneself and others safe, and manage ones own feelings. Offered are a range of mental health tools, and information about public mental health services.

I work in a direct and open manner in partnership with my clients, so that they can achieve their therapeutic goals. I continually invest time in studying the latest research and to learn new methods for treatment. I am a certified Integrative psychotherapist with extensive experience working in private practice and within the NHS. I am currently in the process of completing my Masters of Science in Psychotherapy.


You can pay through PayPal and will be redirected to their website to process payment by filling out your details below. Then you can arrange an appointment through the contact form on this website or send a query to

£40.00 for face to face appointments. Offered in: Newcastle upon Tyne or Morpeth, Northumberland.

£30.00 for all phone / Skype sessions