Children’s Books

Children’s Books

One in five children will have a mental health need before leaving compulsory education. Fifty percent of people will report having a mental health need at some point in their life. Despite the prevalence of mental health issues, there is still a stigma attached to mental illnesses and an extreme lack of support for them. Katherine believes the key to breaking this cycle is to give children a vocabulary with which to express their needs and tools they can use to support themselves.

Katherine specializes in making knowledge around mental health both appropriate and accessible for children from an early age. Through her writing and illustrations she explores topics such as: emotional regulation and well being, self esteem, coping with change, maintaining appropriate boundaries, mindfulness and more.

Even when the child isn’t ready to fully utilize the tools being taught, the stories themselves will linger in the memory. Like seeds being planted, the lessons will be there, able to assimilate as the young person’s self awareness develops.

The Gifts Of Autism: A-Z by Katherine Uher

An A-Z list of the possible strengths that come with autism, this book is a vital resource for helping to build the self esteem of children on the autistic spectrum. The book includes worksheets that can be explored with the child to help facilitate conversations about their personal gifts. As well, written permission is given, enabling the buyer to copy and distribute pages from the book as they see fit.

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“Absolutely fantastic! I’m gonna recommend this book to all my friends and all the schools and nurseries I’m in contact with….maybe also suggest it for the hospitals. It will be a must have in our house. Thanks for amazing writing.” – Amazon Customer.
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Get to Know Your Feelings by Katherine Uher